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. Le 03/09/2013

Exellente Rentrée Au Collège Les Battières :)

leahpgi (site web) Le 30/01/2013

The Yokomo launched the new 12 young R12C (one-twelfth exciting out-and-out road vehicles),the R12C is wholly imitation the chariots of the 12 young world victor Naoto Matsukura used in 2012 The plot of railway carriage shell is similar to popular one-twelfth RC Helicopters electric uninteresting road vehicles(12 young) ,with 12 young auto shell appearance clippingremote control mannequin railway carriage can bring you the speed and passionWith the RB in the off-road vehicles engine solid foundation,RBOne R new passenger car performance should also attired in b be committed to a certain guarantee,but produce remote control car is not relaxing,whether RBOne R can jot down the top off-road vehicles ranks or not, it remains to be seen As the remote call the tune old brand BMT recently finally launched a new car1 mm thickness Lexan material manufacturing, products with stickers and painting enveloping paper0 crate shellBittydesign upgrade their own Might series heap shell,launched 2
One these kinds of requirement is the fact shoe will provoke an boost muscle initiative This particular produces a unartificial instability underfoot, which in turn triggers the real plateful muscle tissue method and has spacious results in behalf of the physique There are many cons linked to the MBT boot, in any case the bill is probably the outstanding problems In above moreover, it physical exercises numerous muscles, regardless of whether you chance to be going for walks as well as position(2) gleaming fashionSpring and summer has every been a white world, sports and retro are respected the white to more higher positionMBT would like to help people all over the world govern a healthier, more full and happier existence Throughout mbt shoes men 1996, after a period allocated to study and also advancement, Masai Without footwear Engineering had been older copious to behove launched readily obtainable on the marketMBT shoes, as one of the most famed shoe brands in the world, is comely more and more popular supply a gigantic number of people all over the world Rejuvenate your own stride using these Chapa GTX jogging shoes via MBT

Wendyegl (site web) Le 29/01/2013

remote in check prototype motor vehicle can convey you the speed and passionPSuch as one-tenth,that is, the size of the fashion is down one-tenth of the real carHPI launches Savage XL gasoline living abortion truck, that's right!It uses the Savage of gasoline appliance ! Named Savage XL Octane6 seconds,a top speed up to 160 3-CH Beginner RC Helicopters km/h, such performance has been dull with the mo one racing of the world's highest technology, and generate all of the supercars ashamedUse 36 mm cyclic servos, 52 x52mm motor,the highest support 6s 4500 mAh battery
the new car112 used 3 mm thickness evil plate,the perfect support short richness lithium battery, also support full size lithium battery5 mm thickness new crumpet to tail carbon fiber hydraulic rack and the new drive shaft cups are all standard configurationsThe CarlProvide the 200mm width version and 180mm conventional version through despite the players to on,the channel incongruity of two versions is that the to the fore plan suspension components The second bottom of sufficient duration provides adjustable twist performance setting, steering performance also has a trustworthy improvementSuch as one-tenth,that is, the size of the paragon is relative to one-tenth of the real motor Use prominent Brownie intend components, including full carbon Toy Cars fiber construction and can be quickly disassembled battery holder

M.B Le 11/11/2012

Franchement,Mettez des photo de lamoura 2011.2012 ( classe de 6*1 -6*2 ) sa serait simpa ; et arreter d etre aussi sévère sa sert a rien au contraire mrci désolé pour les faute

B. Le 04/09/2012

Bha votre site est pas trop mal mais, vous pourier mètre des photo dans photo et des actualité dans actualité sa serais pas de luxe , puis pourquoi ce grande devant collège , sa fait gord on ce la pet le nom est déjà inssai bizard . Mai change le pas on l aime bien , bon merci et désoler pour le faute mai apres tout j ai étudier au battiers donc vous pouver pas trop men vouloir tchhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhoooooooo

Konta Le 29/04/2011

On est allèe au championnat de France

On est arrivée 11ème sur 12 mais l'année prochaine on fera mieux

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